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What our clients are saying

We remodeled our 3 bathrooms and laundry room and Sheri’ was absolutely amazing to work with. She was not forceful with her ideas. She wanted to know what we wanted. Of course, we were not too creative, so she gave us some fabulous ideas that would work for us. It was absolutely wonderful we didn’t have to go to many stores to put everything together. She had it all ready for us to view in her beautiful studio. She told us what worked and what didn’t. She tells it like it is. Even when we were apprehensive about a design, it really sank in that it will be great. We now have 3 beautiful up to date bathrooms and laundry room that Sheri’ designed for us that we absolutely love.Read More

I have had Sheri' do nearly every room in my house completely. There are a few things left that I still want done and I am always thrilled with her solutions to the projects that I have asked her to tackle. She has never pushed her own ideas on me but rather integrated her substantial design knowledge and ideas to guide me to my desired outcome. Originally nearly every wall in my house was white and I was terrified of choosing color. She, however, is a marvel with paint and is the best person I have ever seen with putting a color style together on walls and ceilings, including ornate stencil work that I enjoy looking at every day on the ceiling and walls of my bedroom. She always has a sparkling outlook, never gets discouraged, and was extremely patient during the process of molding my dream home interior while making numerous decisions with her expertise. She never ceases to amaze me how she can pull together all the different facets of a home from paint, to window coverings, to upholstery and all the other details necessary to complete a room so exquisitely, no matter what your tastes. My home is beautifully blended from eclectic to luxurious. In the end, every day walking through my house makes me so happy.Read More

Terrific kitchen remodel design! Sheri is the best with colors and textures! Utilized the copper we wanted in the design and the results exceeded our expectations. We have used her now for two design projects and will use her again. Highly recommend.Read More

I have worked on many projects with Sheri over the past 8 years. She is always professional and attentive to the needs of the customer. Sheri transforms an ordinary space in to an exceptional show place. I am a paint professional and Sheri's innovative color selection and how the colors flow through the spaces still amaze me along with her attention to detail, she is by far the best design professional i have seen.Read More

Always a pleasure to work with Sheri', sum of Sheri's jobs are very interesting and sometimes brings new challenges. Sheri's design of colors are spot on.Read More

Bravura Finishes has had the pleasure of working with Sheri' DeGeer Interiors for many years. She is always committed to working closely with us to develop decorative finishes that are unique to every job. She has an impeccable eye for the highest of quality. She is extremely sensitive to color and uses it to strengthen and enrich her lovely designs. She continually exceeds client expectation and is a real joy to work with. A first class creative professional!!!Read More

Sheri' DeGeer Interiors provides amazing design talent, vision and results. In over ten years of working with Sheri' herself, we have never been disappointed and enjoy a lovely surrounding in our home every day as an outcome of partnering with her. She assesses her client's objectives and collaborates with them to deliver an ultimate end product. Plus, she is charming, fun, and a pleasure to work with!Read More

Sheri helped me with interior design and remodel. She gave great ideas in design and helped identify individual contractors. She got together with me and my sons and allowed us to voice our ideas. She then also assisted with purchasing the paint and other things we needed.Read More

We are a floorcovering/installation company that recently became acquainted with Sheri'. Since our introduction, we have worked directly with Sheri' on an amazing commercial project and a unique residential project as well. Sheri' is extremely professional, well-coordinated, and fun to work with. Her visions seem to be perfect for her clients needs, and her organization and execution leaves no loose ends. The best testimonial I can provide is that after our first project together, we asked her to help us select paint colors from her Crown Jewel Line luxury paint line for the expansion of our showroom! We are definitely excited to be a part of any project Sheri' invited us along on. David D. Daniels Design Sales Representative DeCo SurfacesRead More

Sheri does an amazing job and works closely with the client to ensure that she understands what is wanted. Dazzling the client is her goal. Complete satisfaction. She has terrific vendors that work with her to pull it all together and create something that is timeless elegance personified. I highly recommend her!!Read More

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